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Experts are giving advice to SHAREit to uninstall, this is the reason



Experts are giving advice to SHAREit to uninstall, this is the reason World Daily News 24 - English

Experts are giving advice to SHAREit to uninstall, this is the reason

SHAREit App, (Photo Credits: Twitter)

ShareIt is a popular file sharing app used by millions of people worldwide. But now this app is facing the criticisms of the people due to its security issues. According to a report by cybercity company Trend Micro, the Shareight app for Android has several security-related loopholes that allow hackers to steal users’ data, or even worse, arbitrarily use its code in this app Can be hacked. ShareIt was originally developed by Lenovo after the closure of its company called Smart Media4U based in Singapore.

Trend Micro has stated in its report that ShareIt has many weaknesses that pose a security risk to its 1.8 billion users worldwide. These vulnerabilities have been seen in Android apps, however, ShareIt is available on iOS, Windows and Mac, making it one of the top ten most downloaded apps globally. Perhaps the biggest flaw of the app in the operating system is Android’s mainstay. Android allows intra-app communication to provide content within the app without the need to leave it. Now, these Android app capabilities often come with Red Flag, which developers need to see and take action against. But it seems that ShareIt has not done this. Also read: ShareIt Lite, Bigo Lite, Helo Lite, VFY Lite: lighter versions of banned Chinese apps removed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store

How dangerous is ShareIt for your phone?

ShareIt exposes the capabilities of other applications when communicating with Android’s content management system. According to Trend Micro researchers, these defects could allow content provider’s data to “gain temporary read / write access” to “any third-party” entity. This means that hackers can periodically inject malicious codes into other applications to access your data while hacking ShareIt to create a messenger on the phone to leak information. Due to these flaws in ShareIt, hackers can also install third party apps on the phone continuously.

Trend Micro Researchers were able to hack into this app, which they have told via post. According to the researchers, he explained how Android apps talk to each other, only to find out that he did some manipulation in the Shareite app. This exposes many data nodes of the apps that can communicate it on Android. Because of which this app is unsafe, shareit arbitrarily captures the activities of users including internal and external activities. “These capabilities can eventually be used to leak users ‘sensitive information and even control the ShareIt app without users’ permission. And the worst part is that these flaws have been present in the app for more than three months, which is enough time to inform the hackers about them. Trend Micro has mentioned that it had informed the developers about the app’s flaws three months ago, but these flaws are there. “We have reported these vulnerabilities to vendors, who have not yet responded. We decided to disclose our research after three months of reporting, because many users can be affected by this attack. Hackers can steal sensitive data of users and do anything with the permission of the application, ”the report said. Also read: Modi government’s big decision on China, 59 Chinese apps banned including TickTalk and UC Browser – see full list here

For now, the best option to avoid this is to delete the ShareIt app from your phone. Even if you have downloaded it from Google Play Store. In India, ShareIt is already banned because it was found leaking information to China, which means that it is not available in the official market. But, if you get it from some other source and install it in your Android phone, then you have to delete it now.

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