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Ministry of Electronics gave the reply to Twitter from Desi Koo, know how you can use



Ministry of Electronics gave the reply to Twitter from Desi Koo, know how you can use World Daily News 24 - English

Ministry of Electronics gave the reply to Twitter from Desi Koo, know how you can use

Koo App gets support from Government of India (Photo Credits: Twitter)

How To Use Koo: The Ministry of Electronics has used Koo App to respond to micro-blogging site Twitter. Twitter said on Wednesday that it has banned more than 500 accounts and blocked some as per the government’s directive to stop the spread of misleading and inflammatory posts about the farmer movement. Twitter said in a blogpost that the Twitter handle of civil society activists, politicians and media has not been blocked because doing so would violate the basic right to freedom of expression. However, the government has termed Twitter’s move to publish a blogpost in advance of talks with the Information Technology Secretary on the issue. What is Koo App? Why Made in India ‘Ku’ is being called Twitter’s best option

The Ministry of Information and Technology, in its reply to the social networking site ‘Koo’ developed in the country, said, “Information and technology, the secretary was supposed to interact with senior managers of Twitter at Twitter’s request for a meeting with the government.” It is an unusual move to publish a blogpost before the talks in this regard. The post on “Ku” says that the government will soon share its answer.

Twitter said in a blogpost on Wednesday that it will continue to support its users’ right to freedom of expression and for this, it is actively trying to find alternatives to both Twitter and affected accounts under Indian law. On February 4, the government asked Twitter to ban 1178 such accounts, which have been found to have links with Pakistani and Khalistani supporters, and are working to spoil the atmosphere under the cover of farmers’ demonstrations.

The Ministry of Electronics gave a reply to Twitter from Desi Koo, know how you can use World Daily News24

Ministry of Electronic Answers on Koo (Photo Credits: Koo)

It is noteworthy that Made in India ‘Koo’ has been started to give competition to Twitter. While the Government of India is also helping Kuo in moving forward. Koo recently said that he has taken up the ministry of electronics and IT, My Village, Digital India, India Post, National Informatics Center (NIC), National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Common Service Center, Umang App, Digi Locker, National Internet Exchange Of India, has verified the handle of Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC). While Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and Railway Minister Piyush Goyal have also become part of this Indian app.

The Kuo app can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Users can use the Kuo app on their iPhone and Android devices. The Kuo app can be used in many Indian regional languages. One can write Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Oriya and Assamese languages ​​on Ku.

Like Twitter, Ku can be used to express thoughts and opinions on various topics. In this too, users can follow each other, survey them. Whereas like Twitter, photos, audio, video can be shared on Ku. Like Twitter, the facility of DM i.e. Direct Message has also been provided in the Kuo app. So that users can chat with each other. (With agency input)

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